Monday, January 12, 2009

Farella...with food.

Whether Vinomaker likes it or not, we have grilled salmon every Saturday night...gotta have those Omega 3's. We have found that some wines just don't work with this relatively fatty fish, like Chardonnay or Torrontes, for instance. Generally we fall back on a trusted compliment to the salmon, good old Sauvignon blanc.
This past Saturday night we had one of the best SBs that I have ever had. The Farella-Park 2007 is just plain delicious. It had, which I didn't believe was possible, the minerality that you get with a good Sancerre....from a Napa wine no less. If you are a fan of Sauvignon blanc as Vinomaker and I are, then this may be the quintessential, varietal expression.
Just fab, not Kiwi style, not full-on Sancerre, not over-bearingly Napa...just about as good as it gets...with or without food.


Vinomaker said...

Here is another case for the appropriate balance of acid in a wine. Too little would not provoke the salivary response that cleans the palate and too much dominates the flavors. Although we do prefer Sauvignon blanc with certain foods like salmon, with enough acid, really most white wines and some light reds would work as well. This could include Chardonnay, a wine that Vinogirl will not drink before, after or during it's time, acid or not.

Thud said...

put a bottle on ice vinogirl.

Vinomaker said...

Speaking of ice, assuming you don't put it into the wine, chilling most white wines makes them more enjoyable to drink, especially on those warmer days. The downside is that the cooler the wine, the more subdued are the flavors. As the wine warms up, more of the volatile compounds are released unlocking the aromas and flavors you are expecting. So save the ice cold serving style for lemonade and water and keep the ice out of the wine!

monkey said...

Plus ice waters down the alcohol, and we wouldn’t want that now would we.

Life's to short for Chardonnay

Vinogirl said...

Ha! Life is too short for Chardonnay...except for a good Mersault, or Chablis, every blue moon :)